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VAITRIX Turbo Boost Gauge (2 BAR / 3 BAR)
  • VAITRIX Turbo Boost Gauge (2 BAR / 3 BAR)

    The 2nd generation Vaitrix Turbo Boost Gauge is designed to be classy, elegant, and exquisite. It features an aluminium alloy CNC billet finish, an LED 3D display with anti-reflective glass, a brushless stepper motor for smooth and quiet operation, and an auto-dimming function.

    Unique only to the boost gauge, it is Plug & Play to the car's sensor and not to the OBDII port. By doing so, this has 100% accuracy and response without any feedback delay.


    The Precision GEN2 gauges are 60mm in diameter. This means a direct fitment in some of the vehicles with circular vents, such as Audi, Mercedes Benz, and Porsche.


    Comes with an all-in-one remote to control all types of VAITRIX Precision GEN2 Gauges. The Warning and Peak limits can be set and stored. Boost tap may or may not be required. For more information, visit VAITRIX website or Facebook page or contact us directly via WhatsApp


    Other gauges available:

    - Boost Gauge (2 BAR or 3 BAR) 

    - Oil Press. (BAR)

    - Oil Temp. (°C)

    - Water Temp. (°C)

    - Intake Temp. (°C)

    - Exhaust Temp. (°C)

    - Voltage (V)


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