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Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Lubricants are an essential part of modern machinery, reducing friction between any moving parts like motors, bearings, joints, and gears, etc. They help to allow machinery to run optimally without overheating. To better protect engines from overheating, scientists and engineers today implement nanotechnology to continue to innovate motor oils used in cars.

One example is nanographene. When introduced to lubricants, it effectively enhances the properties of the oil, further improving its quality. In cars, these additives penetrate the surfaces of internal engine components, which can help clean debris accumulation during operation. Other improvements include better thermal conductivity, the ability to maintain viscosity under high engine loads, and better lubricity between engine components. This results in a better performing engine, better fuel economy, and less wear and tear on the moving parts for a longer engine life span.

CARSPEED Polyol-Ester based engine oils are blended with nanographene to suit a wide range of car makes and models. Highly conforming to current API and ACEA standards with a low SAPS rating translates to less engine exhaust emission and a reduced carbon footprint. CARSPEED Polyol-Ester based engine oil further protects and extends the engine service life of your vehicle with its high-temperature shear resistance and high-heat conduction and heat dissipation efficiency. Exclusively available at SBA.


Updated: Dec 1, 2022

When the time comes, every driver will have to bring their car down to the workshop for servicing & maintenance so that their vehicle stays in pristine condition. Here are five important pointers to note to avoid unwanted breakdowns.


Regularly check your oil level to ensure there is sufficient engine oil for optimal engine operation. Most vehicles will have an engine dipstick in their engine compartment for that purpose and others will have an onboard measurement display. Ensure that your vehicle's engine is warmed up, stationary or switched off, and on level ground for better readings.

Many motorists believe their cars’ oil should be changed every 10,000km. However, most do not understand that when they are stuck in traffic, or when the vehicle is idling, the engine is still running and clocking "mileage". We recommend that your oil change should be around 20% lesser than your recommended oil change interval. E.g. Oil change at 8,000km for 10,000km intervals. Check your owner’s manual and get on a routine to good car care.


Ensure that the coolant reservoir is within sufficient fluid level range to effectively remove heat from the engine and prevent overheating. It would be handy to keep a bottle of coolant in your vehicle. Only use clean water when coolant is not available and change to the appropriate coolant at the soonest opportunity. Injury caution: Never open the coolant cap when the engine is hot and/or running. The coolant system may be under pressure due to heat and coolant may spew out. Check your owner’s manual for guidance.


Ensure the battery cable connections are tight and the terminals are free from corrosion.

If the battery is over three years old, it’s a good idea to have it tested to determine

how much life it has left.


Check tire pressures and tread depth. Check the pressure on all the tires including the spare with a quality gauge when the tires are cold. Be sure to look for recommended pressure on the driver’s door jamb and NOT the tyre wall!


Wiper blades should completely clear the windshield with each swipe. Make sure the windshield washer reservoir is filled with windshield fluid or water.


Updated: Dec 1, 2022

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