Vaitrix Digipedal
  • Vaitrix Digipedal

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    The Vaitrix DigiPedal is the most responsive throttle controller in the market. It has the ability to increase and enhance the throttle response and pick-up power, and eliminate throttle lag. 


    It has 4 different modes and 3 unique features and functions. Users are able to tune the throttle sensitivity to suit their driving style.

    The DigiPedal is Plug & Play that does not void agent/car warranty. This product features 12 months of warranty.


    Free 2 years warranty worth ($85.60)

    • Tech & Specification

      The casing is made of CNC billet 7075 aluminium of aeronautical grade to promote an exquisite finish.

      The DigiPedal Plug & Play harnesses are widely available to suit every manufacturer standards, ranging from Honda, Nissan, and Toyota cars to Porsche, Maserati and Rolls Royce cars. It does not damage the harness from the car and is easy to install, no splicing required.