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Intake Manifold Cleaner (Decarboniser for Diesel Engines)

Intake Manifold Cleaner (Decarboniser for Diesel Engines)

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Flush the engine clean and restore power and performance while eliminating rough idling and tough starts. Carbon build-up obstructs the airflow, which causes the automobile to lose power and decrease fuel economy.



  • Will not cause engine RPM (Speed) instability, will not generate abnormal noise and cause damage to the engine.
  • Does not produce foul smells / harmful gases or pollute the environment.
  • Safe and effectively restore back fuel efficiency and engine power.



  • Restore horsepower and torque
  • Reduce gasoline consumption
  • Reduce black smoke emission
  • Extend engine life.
    $88.00 Regular Price
    $50.00Sale Price
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