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Fuel Activator Treatment

Fuel Activator Treatment

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Suitable for petrol and diesel vehicles.


MEI-HUA Fuel Activator is a totally new concentrated formula. In-depth research on the quality of fuel used, when carefully deployed, it promotes safe and complete removal of carbon sludge from the combustion chamber, high-pressure fuel pump and colloid carbon of injector. Helps to reduce the discharge of carbon particles (black smoke), prolong the lifespan of DPF in diesel vehicles, lubricate and protect the high-pressure fuel pump, and injectors and reduce wear and tear. 1 bottle treats up to 50L of fuel. Recommended usage with every 5,000km mileage.


  • Safely clean the carbon sludge of high-pressure fuel pumps and injectors.
  • To remove stubborn carbon deposits in the combustion chamber, recover back the combustion efficiency, and restore back engine power.
  • Lubrication and protection of high-pressure fuel pumps and fuel injectors to extend the life span.
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