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CARSPEED Diamond Engine Addictive

CARSPEED Diamond Engine Addictive

"Change the flow rate of lubricating oil", so that excellent lubricating oil and oil treatment can quickly circulate to the valve arm (Valve Arm) , rocker cover shaft (Rocker Cover Shaft) and automatic valve lifter, improving the engine Insufficient lubrication at high speeds, reducing wear & lubricating oil working temperature.



1. Reduce fuel consumption

2. Reduce oil temperature & engine noise

3. Improve climbing torque & acceleration horsepower

4. Effectively prevent and remove carbon deposits in sludge


It has powerful cleaning ability and ultra-high lubrication performance and can complement the six functions of engine oil



When the first use may be between 3 and 5,000 kilometers, CARSPEED lubricant oil additives will decompose the carbon deposits in the sludge inside the engine, contaminate the lubricant, and reduce the engine power. The color of the lubricant is dark and opaque. The second time It may be used for 5 to 7,000 kilometers. As long as it is used several times in a row, the oil sludge inside the engine is clean and the oil can be used to transmit light to the maximum benefit.


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